Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zoombie Digger WORLD TOUR For iPhone

Finally, the App Store is a new game from Russian developer Crazy Bit favorite all about zombie animals "Zoombie Digger World Tour"!

Game genre, we recall, «tower defense» - the player has a house that has to be defended from the onslaught of incredibly funny and charismatic zverozombikov. Bury them in the ground, explode bombs, cannon fire back and scatters with various super-weapons! During the game, players will compete not only with the familiar zombie-bosses, but with the new mega-zombie - Poodle, Panda, and even, believe it not, with bin Laden himself!
Zoombie Digger WORLD TOUR

Trailer «World Tour» is not accidental. The player is invited to defend against the invasion of zombie animals the most famous world landmarks! Here Egyptian Sphinx and the Japanese Castle White Heron, Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow and Chichen Itza in Mexico! And all this is available free in the first 24 levels! After zavresheniya travel on the main wonders of the world, a player for $ 0.99 is proposed to open another 60 new levels that will protect the most recognizable landmarks the U.S. - Statue of Liberty, the White House, Mount Rushmore, and more.

However, if you think that you just become the owner of unlocked levels - there it was! In order to open the following cities, you need to collect skull, which are given for each Level. What is more confident and faster you will pass the level, the more cherepushek (1 to 3) you get to the end. For example, in order to open the second city in the paid pack, you must accumulate 94 skull. Try not to miss a single zombie zverika!

All the varied arsenal of weapons not immediately available for players. Some weapons can only be used after unlock additional levels of play.

The developers at this time took care of the most persistent players. Now, digging in a row a few monsters of one type or more of the same monster killing one type of weapon perevovachivaya them in the air and over every way izmyvayas zverozombikami unhappy, you earn a lot of points for a successful combo! Points after passing a level turn into money that can be spent on more powerful weapons.
The graphics, as well as in the first part - crazy in a good sense of those words  Bright, a bit crazy and very catchy.
Music in the new game is available in several treatment options - to emphasize the uniqueness of each location, the developers came up with several options for arranging the title theme song playing.
Zoombie Digger WORLD TOUR

So to summarize. If you have time to become a fan of zombie-charismatic animals, «Zoombie Digger World Tour» must certainly be on your ios-device (the game is available on the iphone, ipad and ipod touch). And if you for some reason have not yet become acquainted with the game of Crazy Bit - now is the time to do it!

Zoombie Digger WORLD TOUR

Slovomaniya - test the knowledge of Russian language For iPhone

You are confident in their knowledge of Russian language? Get ready for the challenge with an exciting game - Slovomaniya!

Play is simple: connect the letters in the words leave your finger on the screen. Find as many hidden words in a given time. Who scored the most points, he also won. The right to be called an expert are all those who ranked among the best players.
Словомания – тестируем знания русского языка

This is not just a typical puzzle words. Game board is never repeated, so each round is different and exciting. To succeed and be the best among the opponents, you will need to show a reaction and wit.
You can choose single player mode to train, and then fight with opponents from around the world. And it's all free!
Словомания – тестируем знания русского языка
Словомания – тестируем знания русского языка

The main elements:
  • More than 100 000 Russian words
  • Unlimited number of options for the board
  • Online mode
  • Rating
  • Optimized for Retina display
  • Optimized for the iPad

Category: Games
Publication Date: July 19, 2011
Current version: 1.3.2
Size: 9.5 MB
Requirements: iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Need iOS 3.0 or later.
Download Slovomaniya in the AppStore

Ah yes Repka For iPhone

We present our new interactive fairytale "Ah yes turnip". The official sale will start the application in the AppStore on September 29.

It has long been a familiar and beloved fairy tale comes to life Repka! Cheered by the music we can help grow a turnip grandfather, trotted apple tree, ride a seesaw granddaughter.
Ай да Репка

The application is made in bright colorful manner with professional voice acting and an almost complete interactive elements positioned on the page. In addition to independent animations you will need to follow the steps which are indispensable for the continuation of a fairy tale. For example, on the first page in addition to the words "grandfather planted turnip," you need to water it until it will grow. And in the end you will have all the heroes of fairy tales to help pull the turnip.

Each animation has its own tale of sound and does not make you bored. The text reads fairy tales professional actor, but in the settings, anyone who wants to be able to record narration in place of his execution story.
Ай да Репка

• Colorful, beautiful illustrations
• Many different animations
• Mini-game
• the opportunity to voice the story
• Tips
• lively music
Ай да Репка

With patience waiting for the official release of the application, which will be held September 29 and hope that its value will not be high.
Download Here: Ah yes Repka

The era of the Elements For iPhone

Эра Элементов 

The era of the Elements - a game for the iPhone or iPad for two. Two players play against each other. The rules are not complicated, but simple enough to not read them - he directs the course of the game players and suggest alternatives. Despite the fact that the era of the Elements is simple, its design is beautiful and pleasant.

Then I try to highlight the main points of the game.
As I already said, to learn to play the game very simple, not to say that learning is not necessary. The principle of this game is similar to rock-paper-scissors with the only difference is that here you are playing on the device and the 5th element: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.
Эра Элементов

Elements interact with each other on the principle of priority:
To understand how to interact with the elements, consider one of them, like fire. Fire beats Earth, Metal, at the time, like water and fire wood win.
Thus, each player initially on 5 elements. The first player's turn - it is a choice of one of them. Suppose the first player chooses the Earth, and the second player - Metal. They do it one by one, passing the device and selecting a closed map, so the probability of "cheat" and brought to naught spy.
Once a selection is made, the screen there are two cards face down.
Then press the button "Battle" and the card upside down.
On the card itself has hints of interaction: the right symbols of the elements that card wins, the left - the elements that winning card.

Thus, the first player wins and receives one point. If both players choose the same element (water and water), we obtain a draw and no one gets the points.

Then, players choose one of the remaining elements. Better remember which item the opponent has played. The game is played as long as all five elements will not be played. The winner is the one who scored the most points.

So, I would like to recommend this game as a brilliant way to relax and have fun together.

Download game The era of the Elements

Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash For iPhone

In the core of the game went fairly popular cartoon, and then a movie called Inspector Gadget. The main novelty was the hero of everyone's favorite kind, clumsy, polumehanichesky cop named John Brown, the world is better known as Inspector Gadget.
The game is made in 2D format, simply by downloading the application you will see a picture similar to games such as Mario, Prince of Persia and so on. However, this is absolutely not pleading the merits of the new game. Graphic design of the game done at a very high level.
Your main goal - to rescue his niece from the hands of evil Gadget Doctor Claw. Throughout the game, you'll glide over the roofs of buildings with special rocket skates, and to overcome the obstacles will be able to use various gadgets polumehanicheskogo Inspector. Distinctive features: retractable mechanical arm to overcome obstacles, umbrella, helping to fly over the fans and much more. On your way will constantly arise transmission lines, trains, bombs, Dr. Claw. Also, you will be able to collect different bonuses and coins, by which the amount will grow scored per game points.
The gameplay in the game is quite simple. Control the movements of the character you need to use finger movements. The undoubted advantage of the game is that in the Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash has a huge number of various multimedia content, which does not forget about the application, after several days of play.
Cons of the game can be identified except the lack of checkpoints. At the beginning of the game you will have three lives, spending the last of them, you will have to re-start. In the soundtrack to Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash uses only one tune, which eventually get bored. In addition, to unlock unique content to a sufficiently large number of coins.
The game has a pretty good multiplayer, online board achievements and leadership on the number of points and have a little open face of Doctor Claw, which nobody had ever seen.
Summing vyshenapisannoe to the following conclusion. Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash was a very interesting game, with its minor shortcomings, great graphics and lots of different entertainment content.
Download Here: Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash

The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue For iPhone

The famous trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" and got to the platform iOS. Despite the fact that the hardware resources of portable Apple products are relatively low, the game developers managed to create a truly beautiful and interesting game that does not bother you for a very long time.
For the first time running The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue you can choose one of the proposed characters: Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Arwen. Your main objective will be to protect the Towers from the attacking forces of Mordor. In addition, you can use the power of elven archers and hobbits, knights of Rohan, as to stand against the dark forces alone will be very difficult.
Very much in the game will depend on your strategic thinking, correctly spaced forces could inflict maximum damage, and the chance of losing their soldiers would be minimal. You will be able to arrange some sort of trap for the enemy, as in a narrow corridor would be much more convenient deals with minions of Mordor. Also in The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue is the possibility of "pumping" of his hero, you can improve his speed, attack, attack range and skill. In addition, each character has its unique set of attacks and skills.
Particular attention is paid to schedule games. Full 3D design looks very impressive, also the game has no hang or graphical artifacts.
Do not forget about the statistics and the developers. In The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue is a great Game Center, you can share your achievements with other players and compete in skill games.
After spending several hours playing it's safe to say that the game The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue certainly succeeded. The combination of excellent graphics and interesting gameplay will not miss even the most demanding player.
Download Here: The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense Prologue

Dino Rush For iPhone

Over the past 30 years has been an enormous amount of computer games where the player only needed to run, shoot, jump, and something to collect. For games of this genre, even the name came up - Platform. These games were very popular until the moment when the world of computer games do not come 3D graphics. But with the advent of smartphones platformers found a new and very successful life. To date, developed a huge variety of 2D games in which you need to move from left to right and something to collect.
Dino Rush is a classic representative of this type of games. The main objective of the player - to run as far as possible. And the cute orange dinosaur will run all the time, breathing space alien to him. The main feature of the game - no end, in other words Dino Rush, in principle, infinite. The main measure of your success in the game will be a set number of meters and Hall of Fame, which will be displayed your best results. And if your iPhone is connected to the Internet, you will be able to be compared with the results of players around the world.
The gameplay is simple enough, you have to jump over obstacles just in time, or make small hops. Also do not forget about the "stern", if you do not eat fruit after a few tens of meters, your game will end. To create a more dynamic to the game developers put in place after bonuses as acceleration, invulnerability and flight mode.
In general, Dino Rush is a fairly entertaining toy, not bored after a few minutes, but not absorbing the head. Play it nice and simple, it is an excellent choice for a man who appears from time to time a few free minutes that you do not want to spend on reading books, playing arcane strategy or FPS shooter.
Download Here: Dino Rush

Football Kicks For iPhone

Football Kicks is a soccer simulation yet another penalty kicks. However, there is a game and a few distinctive features that are worth a look.
Firstly, the graphics in Football Kicks performed at a very high professional level. In principle, it can be easily compared to the football game for consoles and computers, 3.4 years ago, that is good news. Movement of players are quite realistic, which also has a positive effect on the perception of the game. Second, the "run" the trajectory of strokes with movements of the fingers is very interesting and unusual, important to understand exactly how to do it, then you can do really smart free-kick.
During the execution of penalty you able to choose the position for the attack, the number of players in the wall. Very lively and interesting looks celebration downtrodden impact player. Again, do not get away from analogies with the football game. Another pleasant surprise is the ability to create their own character, for that the game has a special editor.
In Football Kicks has three modes of play: Beat the Clock - strikes at the time, Beat the Wall - strikes a wall of defenders, Sudden Death - game until the first miss. Of course, the game has a leaderboard where you can watch all your high scores. The game also has the opportunity to buy additional "gadgets", like a new stadium.
In general, Football Kicks is enough of a good game, with unique features and beautiful graphics. It is ideal for lovers of football and just want to fill the time during the day time vacuum.
Download Here: Football Kicks

Helmet Hero: Head Trauma For iPhone

Game Helmet Hero: Head Trauma is another representative of the genre transformers. 2D graphics, the constant movement from left to right, the destruction of any obstacles in its path - these are the three main distinguishing features of the games in this genre. But there is a Helmet Hero: Head Trauma, and a few original ideas.

First, the weapons. The game is presented in the form of tips on helmets hero. Here is the chain saws, chippers, blowers and more. Secondly, the speed of the character can be adjusted before the game, there are three basic modes. The truth is once mentioned that an increase in speed will increase and bonus. At the first level of complexity (Cake walk) you will have 8 lives and no bonuses, but on the third level (Hard-Headed) you will be charged triple bonus, and the number of lives will be reduced to three.
Another interesting feature of the game is that the more damage you inflict, the more will become your character. As a result, it fills an entire screen and becomes uncontrollable. The main task of the player - the right to choose a helmet for every type of obstacle, the more often you do this correctly, the higher the bonus will be credited.
The graphics in the game is made for quite a decent level, but a revelation and she did not. Of course, the Helmet Hero: Head Trauma Records is a full board, so anyone can easily compare their best results with other players around the world.
Summing up the above was written, we can conclude the following. Game Helmet Hero: Head Trauma is already too standard, but the highlight in the form of "growth" of the character and way of destruction of obstacles to help the game stand out from the hundreds of similar platformer.
Download Here: Helmet Hero: Head Trauma

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite For iPhone

Fighting Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite has a real gift for all fans of this genre of games. So a high quality product for the iPhone still does not go, even compared to games for the PlayStation Portable Dragon Warrior looks pretty decent.
In Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite has 6 game modes: training, fighting for survival, fighting for a while, sparring, arcade and story. Of particular interest is the last of them. In principle, this mode can also be called career breaks between fights scenes filled with dialogue, and to achieve victory is not always necessary merely to defeat your opponent, it will sometimes be necessary to fight with multiple opponents and finish the fight in 30 seconds. The remaining game modes to describe the special needs not, since even the name suggests, and as there needs to be done.
But no game modes are the strongest feature of Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite. Important in the game - graphics and gameplay. Movement fighters "sketched" with specially invited masters of martial arts with technology Motion Capture. In addition, the animations were even those men that for games developed for iOS generally unheard of. Another important element in the Dragon Warrior was a great fighter control system. To do this, developers are introduced to the game a sort of joystick. Special terms used to move left, right, forward, backward, and two more buttons are responsible for kicks and arm. In the game settings you can change their position on the screen, as well as the level of transparency. In addition, the player can perform binding punches. To do this, get enough energy HI (It appears after successful attacks or blocks) and to know the sequence of keystrokes. The new bundle will be open to attacks as the game progresses. Before each battle you can select multiple devices, the rest will be available. In general there is more than 20 different series of strokes and several types of finishing moves, special moves and captures.
Diversify the stale of the hero helps change the costumes of Bruce Lee, every fight he starts the new attire, but most can not select it. In addition, the game has 5 locations for fighting, which also has a positive effect on the perception of the image.
Playing Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite is undoubtedly the best fighting game for the iPhone. Other games can only be a leader, and beat this game today at all, perhaps, impossible.
Download Here: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Lite

Puppet War: FPS For iPhone

The original game in the genre of First Person Shooter like all fans of shooters. Puppet War: FPS can be called a most unusual FPS game for the iPhone. Here you will neither terrorists nor dinosaurs. Your main enemy - the evil puppets. Such a plot even Call of Duty developers could not come up.

The main character - a watchman at the studio where the show is being shot with puppets. But no one guessed that the cute toys are going to the planet and destroy humanity. Becoming an innocent witness to the collection of puppets, your hero can only have one chance for salvation - the destruction of enemies. To do this, the game is a whole range of weapons: rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, chainsaws, grenades and many other brutal instruments of murder.
I am glad the game and the fact that Puppet War: FPS done in 3D. On textures and models used in the game, no complaints, everything looks bright and lively. Explosions and gunfire are made at the proper level, but the lack of blood a little upset some players. But what can you do, the developers wanted to make the game accessible to children. Also pay attention to a good soundtrack and in game sounds, all performed at a sufficiently high level.
As for the gameplay, there's nothing revolutionary. For killing each puppet you will be given a certain amount of money for that later you can buy new weapons. At the top of the screen is a strip with a level of health, do not forget to keep an eye on it during the game. Management of Puppet War: FPS based on the joystick button and shot during the game we have not experienced any problems with it.
Game developers are constantly releasing updates to the game. For example, recently in the Puppet War: FPS, several new game modes, including Survival Mode, new maps, puppets in the form of zombies and ninjas, and more.
Download Here: Puppet War: FPS

Jet ball For iPhone

Jet ball - one of the first arkanoid for the iPhone. The game boasts good graphics, lots of levels, and some unique features.
Like any other Arkanoid (the first time this concept was applied to slot machines in the 80s) Jet ball offers everyone to direct the kind of plane, with which to beat the ball and break various blocks at the top of the screen.
The first thing you notice after you start the game - it's a beautiful, bright, colorful graphics. Despite the general monotony and simplicity of the game, the developers have wrapped it in such a beautiful cover that and do not remember that you're playing a game of two decades ago.
Of course, Jet ball would not have become a popular game, if not unique solutions and a lot of bonuses to the player. The gameplay laid out and easy to use. To choose a player offer 3 levels of difficulty, 105 game levels, 60 different kinds of blocks and 20 different bonuses. But not only pleasant surprises is the game, "caught" red circle with a skull inside, your plane may become smaller, the trajectory of the ball can become unpredictable or, for example, he begins to move with greater speed. But the green balls can bring you the rocket launcher, plasma gun, fire-balls and a lot of other nice upgrades.
Not stingy developers and pleasant sounds, do not get bored after 1 hour after the game that you can not say about very many more advanced games.
Also worth mentioning is that the game maker is constantly releasing add-ons, so that the new levels and weapons from time to time will warm your interest in the game.
As a result, we can say the following. Jet ball is certainly a very interesting and dynamic game, in spite of its simplicity and plainness, at a high level of complexity, not every player can easily pass the levels.
Download Here: Jet ball

Monkey Dash For iPhone

Game Monkey Dash is one of the best platformer released recently for the iPhone. All the more surprising is that this is just the first game of the studio Crazy Monekey Studios.

The basic idea is similar to the Monkey Dash set approximately the same game: your character is tirelessly moving in the right side of the screen, overcoming the obstacles faced by them or destroying them. In such circumstances, developers platformer is only hope for the extra features from the comfort and uniqueness of which will depend on the success of the application. After playing a few hours in Monkey Dash is safe to say that the game is really successful.
The first thing you should pay attention - graphics. The designers did their best, the levels look very colorful, cute monsters look more funny than scary, but the main character named Wu Kong in general is worthy of all praise. Particular attention was apparently paid to details, no artifacts in the game we did not notice.
Gameplay Monkey Dash can not be called boring and trivial. As mentioned above, the main challenge Wu Kong'a - for a certain time to perform the mission (pass rate), and score the most points. However, not only on the ground will walk your hero, is alien to him and the sky that makes the game more interesting and varied. Earned points can be spent on the development of one of the skills of your character: endurance, jumping, impact force, armor and invulnerability. Of course, the skills will be moving against the background of the game and increase the speed, power and complexity of the monsters levels.

We should also note the beautiful music and sound design. Everything is done with taste and skill.
Is the game and mandatory for any successful game Game Center. All the most important points here considered. The best results, online board results, integration with Facebook and Twitter also present.
Download Here: Monkey Dash

Sentinel: Mars Defense For iPhone

Tower Defense genre in recent years constantly gaining momentum. Games come with an enviable popularity, but as is often the case, the number is not always translate into quality. Very few games Tower Defense genre can boast such a high-quality graphics and gameplay as a Sentinel: Mars Defense.

Even after a long game, we could not find any serious flaws in the Sentinel: Mars Defense. In the story of the game we act as the commander of the world's first system of protection of settlements on Mars. Everything would be fine, but no one expected that, besides earthlings someone else wants to seize the land of the red planet.
The main objective of the game - not to break the alien creatures all echelons of the Defense Space Base earthlings. To do this, you are entrusted the 4 types of defensive towers: Tower of standard laser (Laser), a tower affects a group of troops (Bomb), slowing down the enemy tower (Slow) and the Tower of inflicting great damage (Beam). Along the way through the game the player will have two types of defensive structures: tower shooting napalm (Ion) and tower hit enemies at long range (Sniper).
To further diversify the game, the developers have introduced Sentinel: Mars Defense element such as droids. They can repair the damaged tower and gather resources to build new towers and upgrading existing ones.
Particular attention should be paid to the game strategy. Despite its apparent simplicity, work out the right tactics during the game is not so easy, especially if you choose a high level of complexity. By the way, Sentinel: Mars Defense of 4 levels of difficulty. Choosing the location of the towers, take a look at the topography, according to a certain towers can, equally, to bring benefit or become easy prey for the AI.

Graphic design is consistent with the present day. Even spoiled gamers will be satisfied with the quality of textures. Do not spoil the picture and sound design, fits perfectly into the overall picture of the game. I am glad the game and save the feature to automatically save in the case of an incoming call.
There is a Sentinel: Mars Defense, and Scoreboard. So you can always compare their results with other players from around the world.
Download Here: Sentinel: Mars Defense

Max Adventure Free

Max Adventure Free is a great third person shooter. Despite the toy schedule, Max Adventure requires a player to complete concentration and precise actions.
On a plot of land becomes a game alien invaders attacked, most adults falls to them in captivity, and only Max can all be released. It offers an impressive list of weapons, the ability to improve it and "pump" skills. With each level the game will become harder and harder, requiring the player to the maximum concentration. By the way, the game is completely missing the checkpoints, so be careful with the enemies, because after the death of the character you have to start the game again. Your main goal - to free civilians and kill as many alien invaders. Also, do not forget to earn points, as the hero without a modernization and weapons with each level of play will be more difficult. During the game mode «Story Mode» you go way off the streets to the main cities of the usual alien spacecraft. Mode «Survival Mode» allows you to visit the huge levels, performing a variety of tasks: Kill the aliens, rescue friends, create "green" corridor to the captives, the battles with the bosses and much more.
Control of the game by using two "frog", which is very pleasant to fans of console games. Left-pad is responsible for the movement of the hero, and his right hand for the shooting.
Graphics in this game is worthy of all praise. You can even blow up cars strewn in the streets, thereby causing harm to many more aliens. But with the sound designers obviously something too clever by half. If the music no claims that the in-game sounds are obviously pumped.
Do not forget the creators of Max Adventure Free and statistics. The best results are submitted to a universal player review, so that players will always have an incentive to play even better and more productive.
Download Here: Max Adventure Free

Thief Lupin For iPhone

The protagonist Thief Lupin - runaway thief, heroically overcoming obstacles to the title of king of thieves. In a new platformer embodies several unique ideas that allowed the game to be on par with the best representatives of this genre.
Thief Lupin is suitable for both children and adults alike. In the story of four games of first-class thieves are invited to the tournament, the grand prize of which is the title of king of thieves. However, to obtain the title to make all their forces, as may be the best, only one of them.
The unique control with one finger on one hand comfortably, and with another requires maximum concentration. Thief Lupin boasts a huge number of levels, divided into floors, each of which poses a player is not a simple task. Complete a level using one tactic is impossible. Some floors are better run as fast as possible, on the other, on the contrary, it is better to be cautious and not rush. During the game, your character can also get some bonuses to help you pass the levels more quickly.
Before the game, you can choose one of four characters, there is even a sort of hero editor, you can select the color of clothing and much more.

As for the music, then there is no questions to the developers. And the in-game sounds and soundtrack performed professionally.
Of course, in Thief Lupin is a board better results. When you connect your phone to the Internet, you can upgrade your high scores and compare them with those of other players from around the world.
In general, Thief Lupin can be called one of the most interesting and exciting platformer recently. Variety of levels, characters and tactics can be Thief Lupin favorite game for a long time, and constant updates to make the game even more new features and locations.
Download Here: Thief Lupin

WackaMonsta For iPhone

WackaMonsta is a hybrid of Arkanoid and Tetris. Equally interesting ideas we have not come across, the game is really interesting and exciting, and cartoonish graphics only emphasizes the uniqueness WackaMonsta.
The main task of the player - hanging down over his balls in different colors. As a weapon uses the same ball that miraculously throughout the game appear in the mouth cute monster Wacka. The highlight of the game is that you can only shoot down the balls of their counterparts, ie, green balls will run off the green, red, red, and so on. In addition, you need to have a bunch of it at least three balls, otherwise the new ball just "glued" to the others. Another feature WackaMonsta is that zbiv the topmost layer of balls, and drop all the balls are below. If the top has gathered too many balls, the ceiling begins to descend slowly, which eventually may lead to the loss.
To schedule games have no complaints, it's made for quite a decent level, no hang and image artifacts, we have not noticed. Music in WackaMonsta fairly standard for such games, but after several hours of play, it starts a little annoying.
As already stated above, the gameplay in a game worthy of all praise. Despite the static picture, the dynamics of the game is crazy. One wrong move his fingers and pass the level will be much harder. We were pleased with the accuracy and clicks, the balls fly exactly where you are sending them.
Cons of the game can be identified unless the advertisement. Since WackaMonsta is a completely free application, the developers decided to cash in on advertising. Age limit in the game, so that even a child can see the ads, not their age.
There is a standard board WackaMonsta and records, and store additions. For example, if you want you can buy accessories for your favorite monster.
In general, the game was quite interesting, but the moment with a little pop-up ads spoiled the overall impression. While on the other hand, not every player will be considered during the game advertisements.
Download Here: WackaMonsta

Hunters: Episode one For iPhone

Often the game debuts new studios do not cause any interest due to its simplicity and imperfections, but every rule has an exception that proved the team and Rodeo Games. The debut project entitled Hunters: Episode one worthy of all praise, because the game immediately after the release has been recognized as one of the best turn-based strategy for the iPhone.
Hunters: Episode one can boast thoughtful gameplay, excellent sound design, beautiful graphics, artificial intelligence, thoughtful, but first things first.

Plot in the game itself is not, Hunters: Episode one is composed of individual missions unrelated, but it absolutely does not spoil the game. In the yard in 2981, the inhabitants of planet Earth have captivated the whole world, governments have long been gone, everything is ruled by giant corporations, from time to time warring with each other. As the soldiers are the so-called hunters for a fee, ready to execute any mission. The player assumes the role of group facilitator. Your main goal - to complete the task by any means.
At the beginning of the game you have to go through the "course of a young soldier," and it is better to treat this with utmost seriousness. Hunters: Episode one is rather complicated game, without a basic knowledge will be very difficult to play. Having a training course, you will be aware of all the key moments in the game, which is very useful for both early game and towards the end. As always, the first mission will take place in the same breath, but the recent demand from the player's maximum concentration. Levels will become more and more enemies are smarter, more sophisticated trap.
Geympey at Hunters: Episode one not original, but it is not necessary. Each mercenary, consisting of your group has unique characteristics that allow it to perform certain actions in one turn. On the number of steps also affect hunter ammunition, as with a heavy machine gun to move a lot harder than with a gun. Having spent all his steps, turn passes to the enemy, and so on until the end. Obtained for the actual mission of the money to spend on new troops, weapons, armor, and so on. Not all of the mission of killing the enemy, from time to time you have to protect objects from attacking, destroying or capturing foreign bases. Does not add to the game of simplicity and "fog of war", the danger can wait around every corner.
The graphics in Hunters: Episode one done at a very high level. The sophisticated model of the hunters, animation shots, textures, special effects, find fault in the game makes no sense. The same applies to the in-game sounds. But the absence of at least some background music is a bit disappointing.
Even the passing game to the end, you can not get upset, the developers have promised to regularly provide patches, which will be new missions and weapons.
Summing up all vyshenapisannoe can say one thing - Hunters: Episode one is one of today's best games for the iPhone, which certainly deserves the attention of a wide range of users.
Download Here: Hunters: Episode one

Mad Skills Motocross For iPhone

High-quality auto and motorcycle racing for the iPhone is small enough, in and out each game of this genre fans are waiting impatiently. Another attempt to conquer the market of motorcycle racing has made the company Turborilla, not so long ago released the game Mad Skills Motocross.

Mad Skills Motocross is a mix of motorcycle racing and motorcycle trials. The game has two modes - Career and race against the clock. The main feature of the game is its complexity. Career mode is presented in the form of five divisions, differing levels of complexity. If the first division can be made without any problem, here is the subjugation of the latter two will only be done by an experienced and dedicated players. Choosing the level of complexity in the game.
It should be noted that the artificial intelligence in the game worked out not so good. In the lower division opponents are wrong in the same place and going very slowly, and in the higher ride perfectly, they are very difficult to overtake.
You can ride motorcycles or using the accelerometer, or with 4 buttons. Two of them are responsible for the acceleration and deceleration, two more for jumping and balance during flight. By the way, learn to ride motorcycles filigree is difficult enough, it may take more than one day.

As for the graphics, there is no major complaints to the developers there. Changing landscapes and well-designed bike physics leave a good impression. Particularly pleased with an opportunity to "break" the bike, with a strong hit one of the wheels may just fall off. Sound design Mad Skills Motocross is also not satisfactory. True, not all soundtracks will enjoy an ordinary user, some songs too annoying.
In general, Mad Skills Motocross can be called one of the best games in its genre. Of course, the game has its flaws, but it merits much more.
Download Here: Mad Skills Motocross

MyauSim: iKvest For iPhone

Russian studio Dynamic Pixels for many years of successful experience in games for mobile phones and now, finally, the developers have ported one of its most popular games on the platform MyauSim iOS. Now all iPhone owners can play this wonderful game on their devices.

MyauSim: iKvest is an excellent quest game that you will never be bored for hours. The protagonist of the game - a young cat who wants to go to seek adventure and find happiness. Acquainted with a beautiful cat and decided to win her heart, the cat will be very difficult. His fearsome meeting with mice, the leaders of the local mafia, challenging puzzles and, of course, at the end of the game love.
The main highlight of the game - puzzle. The decision of witty mysteries will bring you many pleasant emotions. Here is a riddle for everyone, even adults will be interesting to solve. The game's plot laid out in detail, it leaves a very pleasant feeling.
As for graphics, everything is fairly prosaic. And the quest for the game this is not the main thing. Sound design is also performed at a sufficiently high level that can not but rejoice.
Summing up all vyshenapisannoe to the following conclusion. MyauSim: iKvest is an excellent sequel to the eponymous java games, performed at a high level and in no way inferior in quality the best games dlyaiPhone quest.
Download Here: MyauSim: iKvest

Urban Ninja For iPhone

New platformer from fairly well-known studio Donuts Games under the name Urban Ninja was a pleasant surprise for all fans of this genre of games. Adventures of a French ninja named Francois seized from the first minute of the game. Despite the status-label "platformer» Urban Ninja boasts several original ideas and, importantly, the quality of their execution.

The protagonist of the game a certain Francois - French ninja flying dangerous secret mission. By scrapping, 40 missions in the game, so obviously bored players do not have to. To get to the end of the level you need to run, jump and climb on the roofs and walls of houses, ladders, ropes, poles and so on. At the end of each level you will have to wait for life-saving helicopter. Passage levels complicate the tens of cute monsters that will prevent you wade through the urban jungle. To successfully overcome the minimum level needed to gain points. Further complicates the problem is that your hero is a limited amount of energy required to perform jumps. If you spend it hastily, before the end of the level you it is not enough, so handle it carefully. Also, energy is lost in a collision with the enemy. The more energy you save until the end of the level, the more points you get.
The gameplay in Urban Ninja has both positive and negative features. Among the positive are the following: jumps are made with the help of finger movements, the acceleration of sliding on the rope (with every second, it increases), bad physics of motion. From the explicit cons worth noting difficulties in getting used to the management, the inability to adjust the force jump, and a few more minor bugs in control.

Graphics in Urban Ninja made in the style of 16-bit games mid-90s. It looks very funny, come immediately to mind associations with the different games in those years. Music of the game is also satisfied at a high enough level. Background music perfectly complements the gameplay.
In general, Urban Ninja quite live up to expectations. The game turned a bright and interesting, not without difficulty, but not forcing you to stay awake at night thinking about how to get the next level.
Download Here: Urban Ninja

Asphalt Audi RS 3 For iPhone

Appendix Asphalt Audi RS 3 was produced by studio Gameloft specifically for the joint competition with the company Audi. Asphalt Audi RS 3 is based on a fairly popular game, Asphalt 6, although there is one small "but". The new application created for only one competition which runs from 3 to 16 March. According to the contest, any player can be downloaded to your phone application Asphalt Audi RS 3, and try to set the best time on the track "Bahamas" for three laps. The main prize is a real Audi A3 Sportback S-line with a two liter engine and a complete set.
According to the rules of the contest, anyone can download Asphalt Audi RS 3 to your phone, create or log into your account to Gameloft Live and register for the contest. It should be noted that multiple registration is allowed, so you have the opportunity to ride on the highway than a dozen times. Of course, any automatic control system is prohibited. Under the rules of the tournament is open to having a driver's license adult players from the U.S., Canada (except Quebec), France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Mexico, China and South of Korea.

The game itself Asphalt 6 out not so long ago, in December last year. However, 6 of the arcade avtogonochnoy already gained popularity among millions of users around the world. The main feature of the new game is an impressive fleet of licensed vehicles. There is a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Audi and many others. In addition, developers Asphalt 6 do not forget about the bike.
You can play both single-player mode, and on the Internet. Also in Asphalt 6 is a possibility of tuning the car. You can "bleed" any car in its sole discretion, and decorate it with various stickers and vinyl.
Download Here: Asphalt Audi RS 3

Rat On The Run For iPhone

Rat On The Run is a fairly entertaining platformer that is ideal for those who want to fill their free time some unpretentious and fun game.
In the story of the game Rat On The Run Young Mouse buys a house full of cheese, but later found out that new housing is full various pests. Of course, the plot can not be described how some exciting and interesting, but the game has a few aces up its sleeve, with ease interrupting this shortcoming.

The main feature of Rat On The Run is the presence of three modes of play, which made it possible to vary not too diverse genre of "platforming." The main game mode is called «Challenges Mode». He is represented by 15 levels, the main purpose of your character will be passing each of them and picking up cheese heads, the more cheese you get, the more points gain. The second game mode is called «Arcade Mode», consisting of 8 levels. It all happens a little faster than in the first mode, the game becomes more fun and foolhardy. The third mode is the game called «Scooter Mode» presents players the opportunity to ride around the house with the breeze on a tiny scooter.
From the gameplay features worth mentioning that the protagonist of the game is constantly moving forward, it stops only at the moment is limited to any obstacle. By the way, do not ignore such a stop, they can better look around and choose the best way forward on a level. Control of the game is very simple to understand and get used to it can be in the first few minutes of play. A little disappointed in Rat On The Run low complexity. Virtually the entire game can go on one breath. However, as we have already mentioned above, mainly Rat On The Run set for a fun pastime.

The graphics in the game does not hit its detail, but claims it no no. The same goes for the sound design.
In general, Rat On The Run is an ideal game for korotaniya time for lunch break, or simply to transport home.
Download Here: Rat On The Run

Crazy UFO For iPhone

Studio Avallon Alliance have long been doing interesting and high quality games for the iPhone and the iPad, was no exception and a new application called Crazy UFO.
 Crazy UFO is a great example of fun and interesting game. The player assumes the role itself is unusual for an alien. While in most games and movies the protagonists save the planet from the worst aliens, the Crazy UFO everything is exactly the opposite. The main objective gamer - steal various animals, people and equipment for research. Protect the poor sheep, camels and other animals of your attacks will be security guards, military, missiles and so on. Each level will become increasingly more difficult to steal the required number of test, to the same limiting factor is the time, which will always sorely missed. That the player had to play even more interesting, the developers implemented a modernization of the game flying saucer. You can increase its speed, armor and power gravity gun, with which stolen and poor inhabitants of the planet Earth. By the way, each level of modernization is revealed only after obtaining the required number of stars, which are awarded for the successful passage levels.

The graphics in Crazy UFO is made of a very high level. The existence of diverse, vibrant locations pleases the eye, and nice texture and perfectly traced animals and humans underscore the strengths of the game. By the sound design of Crazy UFO also have no complaints.
Another advantage of this game is that the developers have not abandoned the project after the release and continue to release updates and additions. For example, they promise to soon release a global update, which brings into play a lot of new features and capabilities, so that Crazy UFO miss buyers in the near future just do not have.
Download Here: Crazy UFO