Friday, November 25, 2011

Scribblenauts Remix for iPhone and iPad

Just out of the oven of an App Store version of one of the most famous and fun Nintendo DS games: Scribblenauts Remix. For $ 4.99 (versus $ 20 and $ 30 versions of the game for Nintendo's handheld), you get 40 levels ported from the DS over 10 exclusive iOS.
For those not familiar, in Scribblenauts, the goal is to perform some task "by invoking" objects (and creatures) limited to your imagination and making your character interacts with them. It is undoubtedly the puzzle that most stirs our creativity.

The first time I played Scribblenauts for DS thought it would be the perfect touch devices from Apple. How nice that Warner realized that (a few years behind, perhaps for reasons of contract).
For only $ 5, we need not think twice about picking up the game, which is really fun. We are waiting for more updates in future phases, but 50 is already a great start.
Scribblenauts [$ 4.99]


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