Friday, November 25, 2011

Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone/iPod Touch]Released / update: 26-05-2011
Version: 1.3
Firmware: iOS 3.0 and above
Size: 92.3 Mb
Language: English
Developer: Tower Studios

Description:The classic futuristic sports game, which has an intuitive, hard gameplay, supergladkuyu visualization, and innovative management tools and the brutal competition in the single mode and multiplayer mode. The game offers two management systems: classical, soft dzhoypad and innovative, intuitive version of the application angle.
Simple controls with one button camouflage great depth and strategy games, teams are using any tactics necessary to defeat the opposing team. Others include raising an entirely new visuals, designed specifically to showcase the iOS device and the local multiplayer competition via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The game includes a quick skirmish, League Cups, Tournaments and Career rezhm comprehensive, offering a full apgreydiruemy market players and the new Champions League speedball.

This is - the best version of speedball with a combination of a fast game on the basis of violence, mocking humor.

- Tilt and dzhoypad
- 336 individual players
- 22 achievements
- 20 poverapov
- 16 Classic teams speedball
- 12 new intergalactic teams
- 10 modes of seasonal career
- 10 single-player modes
- 6 Arena on four different planets
- Market players transfer and modernization
- Extensive training program for new recruits
- Multiplayer mode (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
- Support for Game Center

In the new version:
- Minor improvements
- Fixes problems

Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Download Speedball 2 Evolution v1.3 [iPhone / iPod Touch]:
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