Friday, November 25, 2011

The Witcher: Versus v.1.1 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]Released / update 2011-05-20
Version: 1.1
Size: 55.69 MB
Firmware: Not less than 3.0
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
The cost of iTunes: $1.29
Format: *. Ipa
Description: Become the strongest duelist and fight against real players online The Witcher: Versus.

Choose your favorite class: Witcher, Sorceress, or chimera, set up your character and dive into battle!

You are waiting for new challenges and stolen weapons, amulets, and magical items to improve the skills and abilities of your character.

Prove your bravery with a variety of achievements and make an impression on the other soldiers by your actions and marks of distinction.

Once Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail. The first thing he paints is a monster. As soon as the marker leaves the paper, the monster comes to life and jumps to a different picture. Oh no! This must be stopped! Max draws itself on the page and begins pursuit. Welcome to Max and the Magic Marker, worthy of awards based on the physics platform puzzle, which is played as a classic, but with a twist!

Do you have a magic marker, which allows you to draw in a game all by hand - anything that you draw, it becomes real, interactive object within the game world. Extraordinary talent masterful Max helps him to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat enemies!

This innovative game features 58 amazing levels in 3 unique worlds with stunning visualizations provided by the display Retina.
Each level has a huge number of solutions. Solve all the levels and earn Achievement boot!

Collect ink and numerous gold spheres, and if you're ready, find each elusive black sphere.

Overcome the obstacles as fast as you can and find the way to the evil monster who wants to damage the paintings of Max.

- Experience the thrill of the chase!
- Earn Achievements in the career cop and choose your weapon!
- Manage the police version of the real stock car!
- Compete one-on-one as a driver or a policeman!
- The deafening graphics and sense of speed!

The new version 1.1:
- Fixed some bugs.
- Updated icons.

 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]
 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]
 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]
 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]
 The Witcher: Versus v.1.1  [iPhone/iPod Touch]






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