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Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Released / update: 17-12-2010
Version: 1.0.1
Firmware: iOS 3.0 and above
Size: 35.2 Mb
Language: English
Developer: The Iconfactory

Description: Cold space is fraught with a lot of mysteries and dangers. Not everyone deserves to know the secrets of intergalactic. Only the most daring and desperate people are sent to the interplanetary vacuum in the study. If you want to feel as astronaut, does a journey through the depths of outer space, just for you in the App Store game appeared Astronut.

This is a fun arcade game where you have to walk in zero gravity among countless planets rotating around its axis. The game is played on a reaction, you just have time to jump in time. The aim - to get from one side of the galaxy to another. Interfere in the journey will be all sorts of cosmic beings who want to eat the poor astronaut. They are best kept as far as possible.

At first, the planets, among which you move, seem to be quite friendly. They can be a bit povertet, think about the meaning of life and how to keep on the path. But it will not last long. Soon, the galaxies will fall black holes, sucking every second you deeper into yourself, the fiery asteroid covered with lava, which can fry like a fish in a frying pan, mechanized balls, throwing an astronaut into space and even the usual auto-personnel mines. Will react faster and faster, or a living journey will not be able to finish.

How do I install DLC (full version):
With iFunBox move the Library folder in your game folder, located in var / mobile / Applications on your device.

Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Download Astronut v1.0.1 [iPhone / iPod Touch]:


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