Sunday, December 25, 2011

Avatar of War: The Dark Lord [1.0] [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Released / update: 2011-01-11
Version: 1.1.2
Size: 5.0 MB
Firmware: iOS 3.0
Developer: Distinctive Developments Ltd

Description: Avatar of war: The Dark Lord - an exciting and fun line that draws the game strategy. You can draw different gestures to command your squad to defeat an army of undead! HD graphics and features to draw lines, will bring you a new gaming experience and excitement of HD.

1000 years ago, a wizard has the power to rule the world. He sold his soul to the devil for "Black Magic" and described himself as "the Dark God." He used "black magic" to bring an army of undead and ordered that they brought ruin and misery on every ground on its way. Terror and chaos was brought in literally every corner of the world. But emerged a hero, able to resist the Dark Lord. He defeated the Dark God's legendary weapon, "the personification of war" and bring peace.
Time passed, people forget the history of the Dark God. But they did not know what the forgotten dark power is gaining strength again ....
You - and your goal hero to get your team to fight against the forces of evil. There are different types of units, such as a warrior, archer, mage, knight, a catapult, a murderer, griffin, etc. Each of them can be upgraded and has unique abilities that can help you fight for a great victory.
In addition, there are more than 15 different weapons. Some of them have special features such as Excalibur, Muramasa, which can destroy your enemies in the dust!
Dark Lord and his pet - Dragon, ruining the human land. They are strong, and has a unique spell. And you have to be well prepared to stand in this epic battle.


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