Friday, December 23, 2011

Dino Rush v1.5 [Games for iPhone]

Dino Rush v1.5 [Игры для iPhone]
Released / update: 2011
Version: 1.5
Language: English
Size: 18 Mb
Firmware: Not less than 3.0
Developer: Nemoid Studio
Description: In prehistoric times of eggs suddenly appeared a little dinosaur ... and he wants to eat! Help Dundy way through the tropical jungle and try to feed him!

Tapan to make Dundy jump over obstacles, predators, lava, or even quicksand. Eat a variety of fruit on the way to help survive Dundy, collect various poverapy to give him special abilities. It can fly, run, or even kill the enemy ... but no matter what you do, do not forget to continue to feed him fruit along the way, or he will lose weight and starve! He will be required and the skill and intention to live this adventure fruit. With superb graphics, fantastic gameplay and replay ability, Dino Rush - a thrilling and fascinating adventure fun for the whole family.

The new version 1.5:
- New Game Mode: Free Fly
- New Fruit and location of obstacles
- Adapted for iOS 5
- Fixed

Dino Rush v1.5 [Игры для iPhone]Dino Rush v1.5 [Игры для iPhone]Dino Rush v1.5 [Игры для iPhone]Dino Rush v1.5 [Игры для iPhone]

Download Dino Rush v1.5 [Games for iPhone]

Download Dino Rush v1.0 [iPhone / iPod Touch]



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