Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GoodReader v.3.5.1 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Released / update 03/11/2011 Language : English Version: 3.5.1 Size: 16.56 Mb Firmware : not less than 3.1 Developer : Good.iWare Ltd. The cost of iTunes : $ 4.99 Format: *. ipa Description: Good Reader - it's not just another viewer. It contains functions that you will not find in most other programs, browsers. Features: Good Reader allows you to connect your iPhone / iPod touch as a remote computer to a network folder via WebDAV. You do not need additional software to move files as usual (with the mouse or the "copy / paste") from your desktop computer to the iPhone / iPod touch, if a desktop computer is running one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux . Files rush through any file manager - in var / mobile / Applications / ........ / Documents / Files, or simply on iTunes. FILE FORMATS After transferring files to your iPhone / iPod touch, you can view the following file formats : 1. Very large files are PDF. Unlike most other viewers, Good Reader RUS does not cache the entire file into memory, so the file size is not a limitation. Files have been tested more than 250MB (7000 pages). 2. Files are PDF, password-protected. Protect your data by setting a password when creating a PDF-file - the file will be opened only after entering the correct password. 3. A very large text (. TXT) files. Very fast to open. Supports all text encoding, the known system of iPhone, including Unicode. Were tested more than 10MB files (over 4500 pages). No need to scroll the text left / right - text wraps on the Limits of the screen according to the selected font and size. 4. All file formats supported by Safari: Files Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint (with limited support Office 2007 file XML), the files HTML, web archives Safari. 5. Files Apple iWork'08 - Pages, Numbers, Keynote (only limited support, the files must be compressed iWork'08 into individual ZIP-archives). 6. Photos of large size, and other graphics files (with support for the slide show.) 7. Audio files (supported by the operating system iPhone). 8. Video files (supported by the operating system iPhone). YOUR MOBILE STORAGE Need WiFi-flash card? Good Reader RUS is ideally suited for this purpose. Built-in WebDAV-server allows you to easily transfer ANY files (not just those that are intended for viewing) to your iPhone / iPod touch with a desktop computer equipped with WiFi, and vice versa. Use your iPhone / iPod touch as you do with an ordinary USB-flash drive. Supports all major operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux). No need to install any additional software. Vertical / horizontal screen Good Reader RUS allows you to choose between autorotation and manual rotation of the screen. If you think that the random rotation of the screen during the reading of the long file slightly irritate you, you can disable the Auto-rotate and rotate the screen manually using a button. OTHER FUNCTIONS: 1. The "Go to page PDF" instantly takes you to a page with the correct number. 2. Slider Navigation ("thermometer") instantly takes you to the right place TXT-file. 3. Good Reader RUS remember where you were all viewed files and takes you to the same when you open these files (this feature is applicable only to PDF files, and TXT). 4. Auto rotate the screen you can enable / disable. 5. Good Reader RUS restores the previous screen rotation when you restart (this option can be disabled). 6. Good Reader RUS automatically opens the last file scanned at restart (this option can be disabled). The new version 3.5.1 : - Accessing SFTP Servers + SFTP Sync - Sync new type of - "Download Only" Sync. This type of sync doesn't care what happens with your local files, it never puts anything on a server, never deletes anything from it, it only looks for fresh remote files and downloads them. Great for Centralized document distribution to a Group of People, When Documents Are Frequently updated. - PDF Annotations: font size CAN now be changed for text boxes and Typewriter tool Other Improvements: - PDF Annotations: Typewriter tool now respects Page Rotation - More STABLE Dropbox Connection - Sync feature now Creates a new local folder synchronized right away. This addresses the issue when previously you had to re-download entire folder from the beginning in case if connection breaks during an initial downloading when setting up sync for a large folder. Now you CAN Simply Resume from WHERE IT failed. - Sync feature now attaches an existing local folder with existing Files to a new record Sync INSTEAD of Creating a new empty folder. This addresses the issue when previously you had to upload a large collection of local files to a server, just to download them again to set up sync for this collection. Now you CAN create an empty folder with the Same name on a Server, Sync and IT to an existing local folder with existing local Files. - new Sync Conflict Action - "Discard this Conflict, Are Identical Files". This action allows to avoid unnecessary transfer if there is a formal sync conflict, but you know for sure that files are identical. Also useful for initial syncing of already existing identical files.

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