Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guitarist's Reference v.5.4 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Released / update 01/23/2011 Language : English. Version: 5.4 Size: 64.28 Mb Firmware : above 3.0 Developer : cost of iTunes : $ 5.99 Format: *. ipa This application is unusual in that it can be so helpful and skilled musicians and those who learn to play guitar for the first time. Unlike other applications, featuring guitar chords, using Guitarist's Reference Pro , you will learn all about chords, scales, arpeggios, triads, standard tuning and create new chords. Features : - Comprehensive database with over 3000 chords - More than 500 gammas - More than 550 arpeggios - Triads in every inversion - Chord Relations / gamma: you choose a chord, program will show you recommended scales - Scales to Chords: you choose a range, the program will show all the chords that work with your scheme. - Search name the chord: You enter their notes about the neck, the program will tell you the name of the chord. - Easily search any notes about the neck - Ton actually run with every chord, scale, arpeggio, triad. - Support for 38 additional settings guitars, or you can make your setting - Superb graphics and friendly user interface. In the new version : - Fixed many errors. - improved on the iphone and ipod touch.

Download Guitarist's Reference v.5.4 [iPhone / iPod Touch] (64.28 Mb)


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