Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Virtual Girlfriend [1.2] [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Vypusa Year: 2011 Version: 1.2 Language: English Size: 80 Mb Firmware: 3.0 or later. Description: My Virtual Girlfriend shows off sexy, 3D, women who compete with beauties playboy models, and have unique individuals who exaggerate the typical stereotypes of women. This game is modeled from a date with a laugh and keep you entertained for hours. It's no wonder why My Virtual Girlfriend has become such a popular game in the United States and beyond. This is - the best three-dimensional simulation game girlfriend, available on Iphone! My Virtual Girlfriend - and coquettishly entertain, to make an appointment and will offer a set of virtual girls for you. It will offer you a set of virtual babies, each with its own unique look and personality. Learn it well, because she will be responsible for your interactions with her. You get closer to it, choosing the right thing by taking the right actions, making the actions that she likes to do in the game you progress. Her mood improved, she was called, and the dialogue becomes more intimate. With each level of progression will be available for new ways for you to interact with her ​​as she becomes more and more close to you. However, if you do the wrong thing and it will become a distant, sad, and even sarcastic and cynical. Keep it up, and it may even throw you and you'll need to restart your game to a whole new girl. In the new version: * System-winning achievements. * Included display cheat * Improved game balance and dialogue. * More girls! * Music and sound FX * Optimization * Various graphical improvements * Fixed Screenshots:



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