Friday, December 23, 2011

Pocket God v1.42.1 [Games for iPhone]

Pocket God v1.42.1 [Игры для iPhone]
Feel God. At your disposal an island that is home to little men. You can propagate them or destroy them by their vyshvyrivaniya from the island in the ocean. You can change the weather by clicking on a cloud. You can bring on them the night vampire, it is possible to catch fish. Appeared in the toilet which is always a queue. But there has not been without incident, the one who is strongly needed, but most of all just explodes. At the natives appeared spears which they can defend themselves against enemies, killing them can cook your own food on a fire. The same pigmy become ghosts when they die on the island cemetery. They may cry, have other pygmies, scare them to death or move them to the ghostly realm. A new location is called the Mountain Monkey. Sacrificial Altar, where you can call a giant monkey to eat your Pygmies. Monkey likes to dance. Also included is a brand new Skins Pack Retro Gamer, paying tribute to all your favorite high school games.

Monkeys invade the island of the Apes. There is a new banana tree, which attracts the monkeys. They will fight for bananas and cause all kinds of chaos. We also have a new package Dancing, which includes an exclusive "Pocket God update Song"

The new version 1.38:
- The first guest is attending Pygmy Island Oog. He - a mysterious stranger, who babbles about winning and doing weird things, like, turn into a tiger and cut the other pygmies in half. Who is he? He calls himself a Martian and Charlie.

The new version 1.39:
- Pocket God is now offering Challenge of the Gods, where you go back over the past 39 episodes and find all the godly features added. Find all the objectives for the episode and get the Idol of God! 39 idols to win! Collect at least four to open the ancient temple on the Island of God, to get your hint for the next episode! Also with this episode you get Shark Park! You can now change a shark in the shark robot, alien shark, tiger shark and more!

The new version 1.40:
- Episode 40: Battle of the Gods!
Pygmy pygmy pit against, at the Battle of the Gods! Take at least four idols of the gods in the call, go to the Island of God on the map, make idols in the temple and supports open out into the arena of battle. All the gods of the game - your enemies against whom you must fight. Check bizarre movements fighting pygmies in this exciting new addition!

The new version 1.41.1:
- Episode 41: I Sting The Body Electric: In this update, the Pygmies are in amazing new underwater area, the Coral Reef. It is filled with dangerous jellyfish! You must collect the idol MeduzyIdola Medusa!
- Multiplayer Battle of the Gods, where you can fight with real people!
- And more ...

The new version 1.42.1:
- Episode 42: Soup bones
In a new Coral Reef ancient temple ruins represent a new hazard pygmies. Characters on the pyramid, you can light up by pressing them. Arrange the symbols in a certain combination to activate the underwater power finger, heat, cold, acid, oil and air. Then you can stretch your finger in water to create hot spots, cool places, oil spills, acid stain, and air pockets. Simmer for a pygmy alive, freeze it in ice, dip it in oil, spread it with acid or pack it in an air bubble! Just added bonus holiday dance! Activate the dance and tap the screen to turn the dwarf anthem! And much, much more!
Version: 1.42.1
Size: 43 MB
Firmware: 3.1.2 or later

Pocket God v1.42.1 [Игры для iPhone]Pocket God v1.42.1 [Игры для iPhone]Pocket God v1.42.1 [Игры для iPhone]

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