Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sleep Pillow Ambiance: a white noise machine [3.0] [iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad]

Released / Update: 19/03/2011 Version: 3.0 Size: 171 Mb Developer: Heavy Duty Apps Firmware: iOS 3.2 and above Language: English Cost in iTunes: $ 1.99 Format: *. ipa Description: This application will help you fall asleep as baby! Sleep Pillow provides you with harmonious sounds of others to help you gently to sleep. The application comes with a wide range of amazing sounds, accompanied by visual representations of each. Just select your sound, set the timer and sleep for the night! Sleep Pillow comes with a large and growing collection of big sounds, specifically designed for relaxation and enhanced, and sleep. Sounds of carefully selected and processed to ensure relaxing and improving sleep. Sounds - a combination of natural and human sounds, including a lot of different options from the following categories: - Water - Wood - Fire - Weather - Nature - Tribe - Modern - melodic - Atmosphere - Children Added features: - Sleep Pillow includes a number of pre-mixed sounds, carefully adjusted to relax - Sleep Pillow works in the background to allow you to continue to use the iPhone / iPod for other things - full stereo sound - Ability to mark sounds to access a list of your favorite sounds - Accompanying sound big or small pictures - Setting the sleep timer to stop the sounds - slowly disappears at the end of the timer sounds - Setting gormkosti and audio controls on the screen - Adjust the volume buttons to iPhone / iPod / iPad - And more ... Download:

Download Sleep Pillow Ambiance: a white noise machine [3.0] [iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad]: 


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