Saturday, December 10, 2011

STREET FIGHTER IV v1.00.07 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

STREET FIGHTER IV v1.00.07 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Released / update: 23-03-2011
Version: 1.00.07
Firmware: iOS 3.0 and above
Size: 378 Mb
Language: English
Developer: CAPCOM

Description:The bitter struggle of the best warriors the world championship title in the Street Fighter tournament ended a year ago. The street life goes on. It was only almost imperceptible and seemingly unrelated to each other accidents occasionally violate the general peace, as a black messenger of change: the future domination of the drug and arms traffickers.

- Fight as one of eight fighters at seven locations
- Use all the movement, special attacks, unique attacks, super and ultra combos, which you know from the original game
- Adjust the control so as you are comfortable, move the virtual buttons anywhere on the screen and select the level of transparency
- Vypolyayte super-moves by pressing a key combination or use the "SP", you can choose to display the menu options.
- Choose from four levels of difficulty that which is right for you
- Play with your friends over Bluetooth

What's new:
- Added new soldiers "Cammy" and "Zangief"
- Support for multi-tasking iOS 4.0
- New characters: E. Honda and C. Viper
- New costumes for Ryu and Chun-Li (acquired through in-game store)
- New characters: Sagat and DeeJay
- Added option "Fight Request"
- Added menu background from the game Street Fighter II (obtained through in-game store)
- Added integration Game Center
- Added the UDON comics
- Fixed bug with opening the character Dee Jay

STREET FIGHTER IV v1.00.07 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
STREET FIGHTER IV v1.00.07 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
STREET FIGHTER IV v1.00.07 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

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