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Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Released / update: 23-02-2011
Version: 2.01
Firmware: iOS 3.0 and above
Size: 26.8 Mb
Language: English
Developer: Ivanovich

Description: Time Geeks - A revolutionary game in the genre of hidden object. With beautifully appointed Pixel Art, Retro-style sea and fun! Well, just like in the 80s! Over 100 levels and 6 game modes 7 mini-games and an exclusive editor Pixel Art - all this you will find in this game.

Zurgi caused a distortion in space-time and life of humans, animals and things mixed up and breaking their place in this world. Our friends, Time Geeks, should find their best to avoid the complete collapse of space-time, before it's too late!

- 6 game modes: Story, Rounds, arcade, Relax, Mini-game and editor.
- More than 100 rounds for the passage.
- Impressive Pixel Art.
- 7 funny mini-games.
- Arcade: Catch all the hidden Zurgov.
- Editor: Build your own Pixel Art-script and podelic it with your friends on Facebook.
- Game Center and OpenFeint share your high scores and get the Achievement.
- Very funny! Find all references to "Lost" and other movie / TV references.
- HD graphics to display Retina.

What's new in v1.1:
- Mini-game "Black smoke" - some bugs fixed.
- Added a new mini-game "Abduction".
- Better integration between OpenFeint and Game Center, also fixed some bugs with the Achievement in Game Center.
- New game icon.
What's new in v.1.2:
- A new scoring system for the story mode (1 star = 100 points and 1 second = 1 point)
- Now you can shoot down a helicopter thumb
- Arcade and Relax modes are now open at the beginning of the story mode
- The time now is stopped as soon as you tapnuli on the subject (and not a few moments as before)
- New icon for the display Retina
- Support for multitasking in iOS 4.0
What's new in v.1.3:
- 2 new missions, including 23 new trials.
- Facebook and Twitter links.
- New section "Soon ..."
What's new in v2.0:
- New Mission with 20 contests and a new scenario
- 2 new game modes: "Find All" and "Find worms"
- Play on your own private island
- A new mini-game: The differences!
- New design for the main menu
- New developments and board of honor for GameCenter and OpenFeint
- Hundreds of bug fixes and improvements
- Improved performance for iPhone3g
- New Web, Facebook and Twitter
What's new in v2.01:
- Fixed bug with progress in the gam

Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Time Geeks: Find All! v2.01 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

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