Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dexter the Game for the iPhone

 Dexter the Game

The TV series, Dexter quiet and calm, even a goodie. But at nightfall, he becomes a changed man, without feelings and emotions. He seeks out his victims, including those criminals who managed to evade the law, those who deserve such a death. He was unceremoniously looks for the last time in the eyes of the victim, before dismembering her. He is ruthless, but even all these aspects do not affect him as a hero. So, in the game you are the same Dexter Morgan. And your job is, to commit murder. In doing so, to avoid being himself behind bars. We find and kill the criminals. The game in full 3D! A huge number of dialogues, thoughtful story and original gameplay in the style of Hitman.

Year: 2009
File Size: 393.12 MB
​​Requirements: iPhone OS 2.2.1 or higher Download game Dexter the Game for the iPhone.


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