Friday, January 27, 2012

James Cameron's Avatar for iPhone

James Cameron's Avatar for iPhone
In this game for the iPhone you will be transferred into the colorful world created by James Cameron - the planet Pandora. You will be given a choice - to protect the planet or to speak for the people and destroy the world. Complete all 15 levels, from the mines, built by people and military fortifications to beautiful waterfalls and jungle, with their lush vegetation, which come alive at night under the light of bioluminescent plants. Learn martial arts Na'vi. Practice archery, thereby training the accuracy, perform a variety of combat and use a combination of high-energy weapons people. Voice of Neytiri, the heroine of the film, tells the story of this epic story. Expand the original story that takes place over two decades before the events of the film, and learn how to create first avatar.

Download James Cameron's Avatar [187.98 MB] for the iPhone.


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