Thursday, January 19, 2012

Push Panic v1.3 [Games for iPhone]

Push Panic v1.3 [Игры для iPhone]
Push Panic - an exciting and colorful new puzzle game that introduces four frantically fun game modes and a fast-paced gameplay! Tapan on the dice to blow up pattern on the screen before the pile reaches the red panic bar and fall! Push Panic includes 50 intense levels, and each of the four exciting modes introduces new challenges and explosive live competitive ranking system.

Modes of gameplay:
- Classic Panic
- Color Panic
- Panic Time
- Panic Account

Randomly falling blocks poverapov include communication chains to combine a variety of colored thread, multipliers points, freeze time, bombs, and to raise the bar a block that gives you more room to play!

Tie as many colored blocks as possible together for massive combos and bonuses to earn numerous medals and beat your friends!

The new version 1.0.1:
- Fixed an error level of 31

The new version 1.2:
* 25 brand new levels!
* Now the complete solution!
* OpenFeint Leaderboards / Achievements replaced Game Center
* Live rankings load faster
* Integrates Twitter
* 8 new achievements
* Fixed level 1 - 35, 40 and 50
* New background music
* Reduced memory usage
* And more ...

The new version 1.3:
- Fixed bugs
Version: 1.3
Size: 17 MB
Firmware: 3.1 or later

Push Panic v1.3 [Игры для iPhone]Push Panic v1.3 [Игры для iPhone]Push Panic v1.3 [Игры для iPhone]Push Panic v1.3 [Игры для iPhone]

Download Push Panic v1.2 [Games for iPhone]



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