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World Cup Table Tennis v3.5 [iPhone / iPod Touch]

World Cup Table Tennis v3.5 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

Released / update: 2011
Size: Mb
Firmware: iOS 3.0 and above
Language: English
Cost to iTunes: $1.99
Format: *. Ipa

World Cup Table Tennis, The game is number 1 in tennis for iPhone / iPod touch and the iPad, and the game number 1 in the world, released its biggest update! Now it offers a shift lever, which drastically speed up the game, 10 new rackets, 20 new countries, and Golden Star, you can use to increase strength and enhance the racquet spin.

"Pretty exciting." - Macworld
"My recognition of the company Skyworks - I really enjoyed the game." - NineOverTen

Game World Cup Table Tennis has four modes. In career mode, play against forty countries, starting with the countries holding the most recent place in the world, and best of the best.

In tournament mode, try to win the Gold Cup! In the arcade classic game Play with a twist and added bonus! In the personal interview fight with another player in real time on the same iPhone or iPod touch!

Playing in career mode, you can earn Gold Stars for each win and unlock new racquet and country. In tournament mode, each victory in the tournament will bring you a Gold Star. Adjust the gearbox to increase the speed of the ball and make the game more exciting.

Want faster access to all rackets and countries? By acquiring additional gold stars to unlock new racquet and country. You can also increase the strength of his racket and increase spin to face stronger opponents.

- 40 countries from North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
- 20 bats, each with their physical environment and equipment of the game, for example, Reptile, 90 Grit, and Crunch
- Golden Star, which can be earned for each win in career mode or for each win in the tournament in Tournament mode. Use stars to unlock additional racquets and to increase the strength of the country or existing racquets. Gold Stars are also available.
- Ability to listen to music from your iTunes playlist
- Ability to connect to Facebook

What's new in version 3.5
- Speed ​​knob to accelerate the pace game
- 20 new countries - now 40 in the whole
- 10 new racket - now 20 in the whole
- 10 new achievements - now 35 in the whole
- Golden Star can earn or buy more shoes, or country setting
- Numerous enhancements to improve the performance of the game.
- Now the game is more realistic, for example, the grid bends when hit in her ball!

World Cup Table Tennis v3.5 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

World Cup Table Tennis v3.5 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

World Cup Table Tennis v3.5 [iPhone/iPod Touch]

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