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Guitar Hero v.2.0 + additional tracks [RUS] [iPhone / iPod Touch]

Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]

Year: 2011
Language: Russian
Version: 2.0.0
Size: 119 MB (938 MB with additional tracks)
Firmware: Not less than 3.1
Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc
The cost of the iTunes: $ 2.99 + $ 20 (additional tracks)
Format: *. Ipa
Description: The largest franchise ever created video game music is now available for the first time on your iPhone or IPod Touch! This is your chance to see the original, exciting guitar playing, which captured more than 40 million people worldwide.
Creators Guitar HeroExperienced developers from Vicarious Visions, Inc provided excellent gaming options to personalize your avatar playing a rock star, the possibility of integration into social networks that allow you to share your achievements on Facebook. The innovative game mechanics, challenges you, achieve success and rises to the top of Rock rating. Guitar Hero for iPhone and IPod Touch is an indescribable feeling of playing on electric guitar and bass on the Seen!
In the new version:
- Improved performance and fixes bugs
- Fixed a bug associated with a limit of 40 songs
- Fixed problems with connecting to the Internet

Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]

Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]

Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]

Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]

How to install the tracks (the default in game 6 tracks):

A. Downloading ifunbox (people)
Two. Run ifunbox
Three. With the help of downloaded files (. Iga) put into the "net file system / private / var / mobile / Applications / Set dukv and numbers (determined by the desired icon) / Documents"
Guitar Hero v.2.0 + дополнительные треки [RUS][iPhone/iPod Touch]


Download compilation of tracks (each containing an average of 3 tracks):
First selection:

The second selection:

The third selection:

The fourth selection:

The fifth selection:

Sixth compilation:

The seventh selection:

The eighth selection:

The ninth selection:

The tenth selection:

The eleventh selection:

Twelfth selection:

Thirteenth selection:

Fourteenth selection:

Fifteenth selection:

Sixteenth selection:

Seventeenth selection:

Eighteenth selection:

Nineteenth selection:


Twenty-first selection:

Twenty-second compilation:

Twenty-third selection:

Twenty-fourth selection:

Twenty-fifth selection:

Twenty-sixth selection:

Twenty-seventh selection:

Download Guitar Hero v.2.0 [RUS]

Download Guitar Hero v.2.0 [ENG]


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