Wednesday, April 25, 2012


From the creators of FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY II released a brand new masterpiece in the style of RPG for the iPod and iPhone!!
CHAOS RINGS are excellent opportunities for the iPhone and iPod. Using a classical system of the game, which any fan will enjoy the RPG, it is an epic tale of four different scenarios, with great graphics and excellent voice acting. The story revolves around a tournament where belligerents are fighting for their lives: the Ark Arena. After picking out a pair of heroes, one man and one woman, you will have to fight against other pairs. Each couple has their own story and what happened to the Ark of the Arena will not be shown until each story is not over.
- Excellent graphics
- Great sound, which shows the full advantage of the iPhone and iPod powerful hardware
- Deep story with unique twists for each pair and a variety of these stories end
- Traditional game and battle system, polished to perfection
- Hours and hours of gameplay, ending battles with hidden bosses, secret weapons, and others.
In the new version:
- Added support for iOS4.
- Added support for display Retina.
- Changed the icon

In addition:
Requires firmware above 3.0

Download CHAOS RINGS 1.1.0:


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