Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Field & Stream Fishing 1.0

Field & Stream Fishing 1.0
Field & Stream Fishing - an exciting arcade simulator of fishing. Casting, wiring, extension and treacherous behavior of the fish gives every angler a chance to hone their skills and catch the big trophies.
- Easy management
- The lush and beautiful location for research
- Includes three lakes with five locations in each of 13 species of fish!
- Finish your journal search of adventure, discovering new areas
- Local and Global board advances
- Ability to see on the news that caught your friends
- Facebook
You'll be fishing on the famous real world locations such as Lake Whitebear, Lake Amistad, and the River Kenai.
In addition:
Requires firmware above 3.0
Download Field & Stream Fishing 1.0


LTFS said...

That is soooooo awesome!!!!! How old is she now? We need to get together for a journey you and yours, and me and mine!

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