Monday, April 9, 2012

Pocket RPG v1.10 [Games for iPhone / iPad]

Pocket RPG v1.10 [Игры для iPhone/iPad]
Enter a world awash with hordes of monsters. Explore the trap-filled dungeon and face the powerful bosses. Collect a pile of treasure so you buy a lot of abilities and weapons. Test your skills against the impending darkness.

You can choose from three different classes, each with its own fighting style.

Dark Ranger - a hunter, has caused great damage in the distance, moves quickly.
Blade Master - warrior, strong in close combat and has a large amount of HP.
Battle Mage - Mage, dangerous in ranged combat. He uses magic and spells for massive attacks.

Each task in the Pocket RPG - a new adventure. The hero starts from scratch, but rather, as the game progresses, the pesonazha appear skills and strength, which will grow to incredible sizes.
Pocket RPG will give you hours of fantastic battles. In addition, there is support for Game Center, where you will always be able to compare their results with other players.

- Gorgeous graphics
- Class 3 characters and 3 different play style.
- Two buttons - to move and attack.
- Automatic increase in experience, based on things that have your character.
- Hordes of creatures trying to kill you, using your own combo moves.
- Battle with the bosses.
- Leaderboards and Achievements.

The new version 1.06:
- Fixed various bugs

What's new in version 1.10
- Fixed bugs in the new iPad
Version: 1.10
Size: 102 MB
Firmware: 4.2 or later

Pocket RPG v1.10 [Игры для iPhone/iPad]Pocket RPG v1.10 [Игры для iPhone/iPad]Pocket RPG v1.10 [Игры для iPhone/iPad]

Download Pocket RPG v1.10 [Games for iPhone / iPad]



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