Friday, May 4, 2012

Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa / iPhone / iPod Touch]

Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa/iPhone/iPod Touch]
Release date / update: 21-02-2012
Version: 1.1
Language: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish
Size: 215 MB
Firmware: iOS 4.0
Developer: Vivid Games s.c.

Description: In this beautiful and realistic game, you get into the exciting world of professional ski jumping. Accelerate down to a dangerously high speed, then jump and fight the dangerous icy wind to keep your balance and try to fly as far as possible in order to win the best ski jumpers from around the world in this exhilarating winter sports extravaganza.

A bright new addition to the millions of bright Games, Ski Jumping 2012 includes tournaments, various sporting events and world cups in more than 20 different real locations designed for ski jumping.

You will be able to choose a more convenient administration. Keep your jumper down the slope, take off at the right time and fly with style and grace. But the judges Ski Jumping 2012 is judged more than just one distance. This game requires you to demonstrate skills and skilled management of aerodynamics, followed by a rapid and correct landing has ever reached only a few intrepid skiers loved the sky.

- Full three-dimensional visualization
- Support for retina and A5.
- More than 20 real-world locations for ski jumping.
- Global leaderboards online.
- Quick Game, World Cup tournaments, and more.
- The various sporting events.
- Three different ways of management.
- Setting up the player.

In the new version:
- Added Multiplayer
- Training video for the game
- New Levels
- Fixed bugs and added minor improvements


Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa/iPhone/iPod Touch]

Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa/iPhone/iPod Touch]

Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa/iPhone/iPod Touch]

Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa/iPhone/iPod Touch]

Download Ski Jumping 2012 v1.1 [.ipa / iPhone / iPod Touch]


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