Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Download Golf Battle 3D for iphone

Golf Battle 3D

It seems that the game of golf simulators Let's Golf, and its continuation in the face of Let's Golf 2 will have to make room: the company Imperial Game Studio has released a game of Golf Battle 3D for Android. Unlike competitors, Golf Battle 3D bars do not have a sliding cursor, simulating the impact force and direction of the ball. After take-off ball into the air to control the trajectory of its flight, in order to resist the capricious wind. However, the most important feature of the Golf Battle 3D, favorably distinguishes it among their own kind - the possibility of multiplayer games on devices with different operating systems. This means that users of all five supported operating systems will be able to compete with each other without barriers.

iOS: iTunes
Android: Market (Requires Android version 1.5 and above)
It examines: People/Multiupload

Golf Battle 3D
Golf Battle 3D
Golf Battle 3D

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Serge said...

This game looks like it would be fun especially if you're someone who loves to play golf!

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